Philippe Guillerm Sculpture Gallery

882 Main Street, Waldoboro, ME





September 9 - October 9, 2017





Attics occupy a special space directly below the pitched roof of a house. Once common in New England houses,  attics are now obsolete architectural structures.  These awkwardly shaped spaces, with exposed rafters and difficult-to-reach corners, are generally used for storage.  Vast troves of family papers in neatly tied bundles, heaped beside dusty Seth Thomas clocks, and sea chests of clothing stored in attics, reveal family histories.  "There is something romantic about an attic." In Kigelís paintings the viewer is invited to take a virtual look from the street into attic windows to  imagine the history within.  Kigel travels Mid-Coast Maine towns, seeking unusually shaped attic windows, in the form of  crescent moons, polygons, or ornately arranged and decorated multi-panes.  Her compositions consist of  apexes of old New England homes clustered into an architectural community. In these compositions harmonized of colors and shapes create a distinct personality of a given town.